Trip to St Kilda

Take a St Kilda trip for the adventure of a lifetime

You will discover the remotest part of the British Isles. St Kilda is an Archipelago which possess amazing cliffs, wildlife and is home to tone of the biggest seabird breeding station in the North-West of Europe! From Puffins to Shearwater, Petrel, Fulmar, Gannet and Shags, an estimated 1 million sea birds live and visit the archipelago. 

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the summer from Berneray Harbour.


10 Hours trip with 2h 15 each way on the boat

Departing Berneray at 0800 hours on Mondays (and Wednesdays during the Summer) and arriving back at 1900

**Under 16's are £100**
Dont Forget...

We are on the wild West coast of Scotland and you will be on the sea so you might get wet! We provide flotation suits or lifejackets as required but remember to wear suitable clothing and footwear. Gloves and a hat that won't fly off are recommended as well as sunscreen. We do not carry pets and smoking is not allowed on board.


Our Tips...

Please be aware that as the boat cannot go alongside the pier in St Kilda that part of the journey will  be done by tender.

Take a camera to catch anything of interest on the trip but remember to sit back and take in the stunning scenery and enjoy your time with us.

If you are pregnant or have any medical conditions such as back pain that can be aggravated by jarring movements then our trips will probably be unsuitable for you as it can get a little bumpy. If you're unsure about whether it's right for you please ask and we'll advise as best we can.

Price Includes

A 2 hour 15 minute fast boat trip each way to St Kilda from Berneray.

Uist Sea Tours reserves the right to cancel the tour at any time due to weather conditions. The duration of the trip will slightly vary according to low and high tides.

*Includes £5pp landing fee due to National Trust For Scotland

(no discount for NTS members)ise as best we can.

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